Like "I have been a Type 2 since 1995. I began diet alone until 2002. Then I began Glucophage, added Glucotrol XL 1 yr later. In 2006 I heqrd from a friend about Byetta, an injection before meals 2x/day. My last A1C was 5.6. All of these meds plus being careful of carb intake helps me immensely. I watched a brother-in-law not take charge of his Type 1 & passed away suddenly @ the wheel of his car from a heart attack 4yrs ago. He had 2 toes amputated & I NEVER want to go that route, Believe me, it's a serious disease that YOU CAN LIVE WITH. Enjoy life by helping yourself LIVE LONG! It;s just the taste of food you crave, not quanity! Judy A."