Like "Lynn, a dietician can help you with making a meal plan that fits your budget and personal needs. I eat a lot of potatoes with healthy toppings and look for sales at the stores. Dry beans are very good for us and soups are great. I need to avoid bread, pasta and can never eat any kind of rice. Applesauce, unsweetened of course, has been on sale a lot lately here. If you add some cinnamon to it that helps with blood sugars too. Someone posted the advantages of green tea earlier. I struggled with my diabetes since 2003 until this year when I attended a diabetes education class and learned how and when to eat. If I really want a sugared dessert I eat that with my meal and count it toward my 45 grams of meal carbs. Good luck, Mary PS Reading the old postings here will help you a lot too, you can see what others are doing. :)"