Like "Huge breakfast! You have heard count your Carbs? Butter Ball Turkey Bacon 1 carb per slice so your X 3. Very Good. OJ (27 Carbs), not so good. Its a cup of sugar and you already have the Carbs in the Oatmeal. One packet low sugar instant Oatmeal has 22 Carbs, regular 27 Carbs. Also keep that to 1/4 cup dry or one packet. You are at 52 to 57 depending on the kind of instant Oat meal. Over the 45 High end limit of Carbs for a meal. Its just that our pancreas can not handle that much at one time. Whose to say you must take your Carbs to the High limit all the time. Its not like calories you can cut later in the day. You pancreas has a hard time functioning with that much and when your other organs are doused with a thick soup of sugary blood they take a hit too. Many diabetics die from heart attacks brought on by kidney failure. If you modify a bit, like substitute Crystal light for the OJ which has 5 carbs vs 27. This can work. They have some fabulous flavors now! I hate oatmeal glue too. It grosses me out. Try Steel Cut Oats ( Bob's Red Mill) or it might be called Irish Oats. They are crunchy like nuts and do not make a paste. Oat meal has been rolled flat and Steel cut/Irish Oats is without the flattening. They do not even look like oatmeal but have all the value. Buy some vitamin C over the counter."