Like "Actually, our doctor was one of our best sources for information. He is a specialist in diabetes (he is one doctor of only 3 in our area overseeing a study on a newer insulin which my hubby participates in) and he told us both to look for further information on-line because he doesn't have all the answers. He said that by going on-line we possibly can find new information faster than we would otherwise if we waited for him to get the information and then pass it on to us. He also admits that with the number of patients he sees it is impossible for him to remember who he has and hasn't given a particular item of information, even with his notes, as much information is often given in chit-chat after he has made his notes about whatever we have gone to see him about is completed. Yes, he is one that does take time to just chat with us when we go see him because he knows that is often when we will reveal things that we may not have directly come to see him about :)"