Like ""Diabetes" is all Consuming,Selfish,Painful and from the day the Doctor says,"Welcome to the world of Diabetes", it takes on a life of it's own!!You become 2 separate people joined by this condition, and try as you might to control that other person, it will try even harder to take you over...BUT, you can win the battle by simply remembering who that person REALLY can dig deep and find that original self and You be the Selfish one, You take control!! You said it SSybil..You need to get back on track and take back your life..YOU have to be the one to do this, and even though your Boyfriend means amount of nagging or yelling will help.You have the answer, it is with-in that Original person the "You" that you were before this Diabetic persona took over your life...You are the BOSS and you empower yourself!! We all have times when that other person takes control..the pain, the depression,the anger,the frustration...but take it from someone who knows this Monster all to well, you can beat it and bend it to your will but you won't do it by allowing it to get the best of you!! Get your Butt back on track and take charge Girl..we are all pulling for U!! Hugs & Smiles,DJ "