Like "I buy sprouted California complete protein bread at the health food store. It has 15 carbs, 2g dietary fiber, and 5g of protein. All flour products are processed. Anything taken out of its original state is processed If its natural, like a raw apple thats unprocessed. Cereal is almost a no no. Oat bran can be good vs Oat meal for its fiber and health benefits. I get Fiber One Cinnamon Cereal but have to measure the amounts. The days of the big bowl are over. Do not eat bread and cereal in the same sitting. With cereal measure! Exercise will also help you. Just walk if nothing else. Remember loving yourself. Give yourself small successes vs making goals too hard. Walk the aisles of the grocery store and read the labels. I found a special diet end cap of shelving that had jams, salad dressings, sugar free chocolate spreads and pancake syrup in one area. Some of the stuff did not taste good like the salad dressing. Then on the shelves where all the dressing is located are some healthy alternatives too. Watch the fats and cholesterol too. Have plenty of acceptable food on hand, all the time. I have sugar free chocolate pudding in the fridge when I get a sweet tooth. Plan your health, your success and your life. Now is the time to make planning each week and each day a priority. Your life depends on it."