Like "I hate these health wake up calls, but it is better than not being called. If I understand correctly, your neuropathy will subside when your sugars and weight are under control, but it is like the monster under the bed, in a weak moment she will pop out and grab you. The diet change for me is/was a pain. I am a carb man. Limiting myself to a max. of 3 carbs servings (45 grams) per meal, is not my idea of a good day. I am doing better with it all the time, but I love bread. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods. Corn---yum. Peas-Glad I can't have them anymore! But carb control is the key. I have been done with soda for about 5 years, and, for the most part, sweet tea. some other stuff on my no-no list are fried foods, and sadly, pizza. i wish you the best in the changes. Jim"