Like "Oh, lady, do you seem like my twin!! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the doctor flat-out asked me if I'd been testing my bg; I guess by now he understands that this is something I am not good at. (because I know if I take my sugars I will see where they are and then I have to watch what I eat, but if I ignore them, then I can continue making bad choices in my diet). The good news, for me, is that my A1c was a 7 this time, down .2 since three months ago when I had it taken. The doctor advised me, again, to watch my carb intake and sugars. Every day I wake up with the same intentions, diet, exercise, etc and most days I am not meeting my goals. I'm frustrated with myself and wonder why I have this disease since it seems so unfair to have been dealt this hand, while I like and work with people who can eat whatever they want. This week, I am trying to do just one thing a day to my health. Monday, I made sure to drink water; Tuesday I got a full 8 hours of sleep; yesterday I didn't do anything and I haven't set a goal for today yet. You aren't alone...I like the support I get here, I just wish there was a little man to follow me around and remind me not to eat the things I shouldn't and to remind me to walk!"