Like "My diabetic friend is my sweetie boy, named Sunnyjack. He's a male golden retriever and he is just the sweetest baby (even though he's 3, he's my baby). If I had the arm strength and let him, he would play fetch all day and all night long-- he just loves the game that much! He also loves hugs and will give me puppy kisses all over my face-- if I sit on the floor next to him, I know for a fact that my face will be coated in dog spit within a minute-- but that's just because he loves giving kisses. He also loves to swim-- we vacation at this house with a pool in North Carolina, and he would spend all day and all night in the pool if he could. He's just the sweetest-- I call him my Babyboo. The only reason he's not pressed up against my leg right this second is he's taking a nap. just trust that the moment that nap is done, my leg will be occupied by him again."