Like "My favorite four legged friend is our bassett/beagle Chester. He's the inspiration for my screen name here on DC. He was a shelter dog when we got him in March of 07. He was very sick with kennel cough and very thin. We brought him home and gave him meds and fed him good food and nursed him back to health. He is the sweetest dog I've ever known. If there is a nap to be had, a snack in the making, or a walk to be had he is so there! He always seems to know when something is wrong and comforts me with his presence. He can't stand to see me or my husband upset. He's a great guard dog! He woldn't bite anyone but by golly he's let me know if someone was coming. His lovable wrinkly face, long floppy ears, and giant paws all add up to 40lbs of pure unconditional love. I can barely remember our life before him and can't think of a future without him. "