Like "Hi Tammy, I'm doing ok.. Hope you are as well. I am having issues with lows again.. sigh. I went to water aerobics last night and was in the water for 45 mins and my blood sugar dropped 90 points in that time. Had to eat glucose tablets so they would let me go home... I'm really getting sick of this but that's life for me.. I've been doing this since I was 6 years old... but the good news I've lost 30 lbs since mid February.. so that's good. Someday maybe someone will figure this out for me... I've tried everything but I seem to be back in the 'normal' range when it doesn't plummet down so that's good. No highs anymore. I think exercise is the key to that. Oh well, Diabetic one month and Hypoglycemic the next.. noone can understand it or solve the issues so I just continue to live with it. Eating healthy, staying away from aspartame (I say that a lot don't I? lol) and exercising everyday. Hope you are doing well Tammy *Judy"