Like "We also have 2 friends. Our dog was a "2 time looser". She was in an animal shelter in Arizona, then several years later we adopted her in an animal shelter in California.When we brought her home she was very good with us (appreciative that we "saved" her?), but very aggressive with anybody else that come to our home. She has since calmed down and is very friendly to anybody that comes into our home. A friend of my wife's asked her if she would like a stray long haired kitten and my wife fell in love with her. When she brought him home, I was afraid that our dog (45 pounds) would eat the kitten (6 pounds at that time), but they got along great. We thought the cat was a female and took "her" into the vet to get checked out and her fur trimmed (she was all matted down). When we went to pick her up, the lady at the front desk said, "We found kitties friends." My wife and I looked at each other with our mouths wide open, both thinking "Oh no, fleas!" The lady saw our expressions and said, "kitty has testicles." What a relief! The cat is a great lap cat"