Like "Awww Jim that is great you must be proud of Shadow and the way she helps the less fortunate children. Pandora was my nurse after a bout with cellulitis. I was in the hospital for 5 days with it and ordered 4 weeks of bedrest after release. Padora came to us one day. I opened the basement door and there she was on the top landing. She was a beautiful semi long haired cat who needed a new home. Up until my illness she was not real affectionate to anyone. Then when I was recooping if I moved or made any noise she was right there. She slept on my bed just far enough not to disturb me but could help in case I had a problem. When she was nearing the end she went off like many animals will do to die alone. Two days later she somehow dragged her way back and I became her nurse for a day. I need to add here she was not in pain her body was just shutting down. Mary"