Like "In my opinion, there are good things and things you should consider about any surgery that can be serious. It is truly your choice. There are recent studies, you are aware of since you have checked it out, that show that the band does not do what the shortening of the stomach does. The lap band will not reverse diabetes. There are many studies/evaluations online to start out. I would highly suggest FIRST making an appointment with a Surgeon that has a high success rate (and has done many) with this surgery. Talk about your options with him, what works, your diet afterwards, any support groups to call or join in the area, etc.. then you can make an accurate decision for yourself. Take your husband with you! Take notes. After your doctors appointment and your discussion with him, post your options, encouraging you and discouraging you, on a list (on paper) and discuss all of them again with your husband. The best to you!"