Like "Oooh sweetie that's terriable. My advice is going to be quite hard but listen, you must ignore them and you know in your heart diabetes is NOTHING to be ashamed of! We ALL have diabetes here on this site! If someone makes fun its because they are immature cruel and IGNORANT! Remember that! The people making fun of you are very STUPID people. Please remember that. They DON'T even know what they are talking about!! Kids can be soooo cruel and downright evil to others who are different! Honey,just do your best to ignore the comments because you KNOW the are NOT true! Soon when you get older you will see that those children were just bullies. And your diabetes won't matter AT ALL to people! :) please trust me on this ok? It WILL get better! I promise. These idiots keep on teasing you go tell the teacher or principal please. You should NOT have to deal with that and an ADULT teacher or principal or yard duty teacher SHOULD STOP IT! So promise to tell the teacher? Who cares what those kids think about you telling! Be strong! Stand up and tell the teacher! Don't EVER let those type of kids bring you down! EVER! Ok? Good luck and God bless! Remember don't give them power over you! Stop this now by telling a teacher ok? Stand strong! You can do it!"