Like "Kalie, you have been in my thoughts and prayers all day. I hope you come back and let us know how you feel. I have a little story about ignorant people. About 12 years ago my ex boyfriend bought an old used wooden boat, outboard. It was very ugly and embarrassed me but I did not let on to him. On day we were out joy ridding in it top speed maybe 20 mph. Boats kept going by laughing pointing, some would go around us in circles. The taunts were from adults? this continued for some time. One boat especially kept going by, it was nice, fast big and beautiful. Guess what that big beautiful boat stopped running. The current was taking it swiftly to to dam. The other taunters with strong boats just went by like they did not see the distress. We got to that boat as quickly as we could, which was not fast mind you but got there. I threw a tow rope to them. We all prayed that our poor boat could get them to safety. Slowly but surely we made it upstream and back to the boat launch. The people on the boat offered us money, of course we turned that down and said please help someone out who is in trouble. They were shocked that none of the other strong boats would aide them. There is an expression "What goes around comes around." Kalie we care, God be with you, Mary"