Like "I find this post very interesting even though it is old. I went to Denny's made some healthy choices and told the waitress exactly what I wanted including that I am diabetic and on a highly restricted diet. I go to this Denny's often they accomadate (bad spelling). I did not get what I had asked for. I ate what I should have. As I was paying I told her I did not leave a tip because you did not listen to my special request when I ordered even though I stated that I am a diabetic. Here in WA state wait staff are paid minimum wage it is over $8.00 per hour. Normally I tip well. Had the owner/manager been there I would have complained to him. He does not like unhappy customers. Had it been one of my cranky days I would have sent the food back until they got my order correct. Though not a chef I cooked for over 11 years in restaurants. "