Like "My last A1C at the doctors a couple of weeks ago was a 6.1 and he wasn't happy cause up to now they have been under 5.9. He wants to retest me in 3 months and at that time will decide what we need to do to reduce it. My biggest problem though is my triglycerides which will also affect my BG readings. I have taken almost all fats out of my diet except for olive oil that I use for cooking and have even found replacements for some in recipes (though not all so those things I haven't I don't make very often). One thing I have found it that if I have questions I need to be proactive and ask. I cannot expect any health care person to remember everything I haven't been told when they deal with so many patients every day. If I ask and don't get answers I have been known to make a pest of myself until I get the answers I need or am directed to someone else who may have the time to answer - nurse, dietician, nurse practitioner etc. I have found this strategy to reduce much of my stress in dealing with health care professionals, for the most part. My most recent stay in the hospital is an exception (see separate posting if interested). I also have taken advantage of free sessions with the nutritionist/diabetic counselor at our local hospital. She has been great at helping both me and my husband do dietary changes to help our BG readings as well as with my cholesterol and blood pressure problems. I use the same proactive approach when dealing with any of my myriad of health issues both with professionals and utilizing on-line resources to help me be as educated as I can about the disease/disorder as well as treatment options. If I don't know where to start on-line I just turn to goggle and see where that takes me. Sometimes there I have to research a few times to get just what I am looking for but don't give up cause the answers are out there somewhere. No matter what I am dealing with I have found that there is an answer cause if it has a name then others have the problem too. :) Good Luck & HUGS"