Like "Jim, I wish you success, if that's what you really want. I can understand, considering what you went through, but I wouldn't use one myself. Of course, being T2, I doubt I will ever go low enough to matter. The lowest I've ever been is 65. That was a long time ago, when I was taking both Metformin and Actos, say 2003. The reason I wouldn't use one is the same as the reason I don't get a handicapped plate, which the Dr told me I qualify for if I want one. The reason is as long as I can walk, I will continue parking a distance away in the parking lot and walk in from there. It is painful to do so, but its good for me to get in all the exercise I can. Since I don't have a problem with lows, there isn't any point in announcing my diabetes on the license plate of my car. A T1 friend was having significant lows a few years ago and was afraid her Dr was going to report her. She told me that the Dr is obligated, by law, to report such to the DMV in the state where I live. I never checked it out, so I don't know whether its true."