Like "Wow, I'm so sorry you had to go through all that crap with your mother. By the way, I am on Facebook. So I was trying to follow your story and I got the point that your mother is clueless, but do you live in Omaha now? Are you an only child? I got a little confused because you mentioned a brother or is it you felt like your brother was an only child, according to your mother? Maybe it's me because I'm feeling a little angry at a "friend" right now and not thinking straight. Well one thing I can say is that she has a lot of nerve handing you claim tickets for pottery she did with the other kids, not your daughter, and wanting you to pick them up. I'm sorry but that takes a lot of balls. I agree with AZnana(where in AZ by the way?) that you should see a counselor. I just started last week with a psychologist. I sat down and within 4 minutes she had to hand me a box of tissues. I have a total opposite problem. My dad passed in 1990, my mom(who was my best friend in the world and I was a caregiver to) passed in 2001 and my brother(who became my best friend after mom was gone) passed 3/17/09 in my arms and he was only 50. So I am all alone and don't have any friends here in AZ. I have one who lives on the other side of the valley. I have 2 dogs, one was my mom's. If it weren't for them, I think I'd check out of this life to go be with my family. I suffer from panic disorder and depression. They have no clue where this panic disorder came from but have been on meds for it and have been great until I lost my mom. Been changing depression meds for years now and the last one was giving me anxiety. Got weened off that and back on to the original one. Don't think they have kicked in yet because I feel like strangling everyone, LOL. I know I digressed and sorry about that but your story brought up a lot. Do you know of a good counselor or anyone you know that sees one? That would be my first step because it sounds like there is a lot going on in the background there, and you need to get to the bottom of it. Keep us updated and don't let it effect your health. Robin"