Like "Hi msann and welcome to the group. My name is Robin. I totally understand where you are coming from and you shouldn't feel bad about not participating as much as you would like. I don't think I have been on this site for at least a year. I don't find it user friendly like I would like to see. When you are first diagnosed it can be overwhelming. It was a shock for me because no one in my whole family had it. It was weird. I was really good at the beginning. Did my testing every day, watched what I ate and exercised. Now I feel I am starting over because I haven't been doing this at all. I'm a vegetarian and fruit has a lot of natural sugar. I started becoming a vegetarian again about 5 months ago. I've done it before and I never really liked red meat and got tired of chicken, so went vegetarian. I'm trying to get back on track. My main problem is depression and almost giving up on life. I have no family anymoe as of 2 years ago and I find it very sad. I live in AZ and only have 1 friend here who I hardly ever see. I have some major back issues so I'm on disability and it seems that when I need to go for procedures I have to work around my 1 friend's schedule, while I'm in pain. I am going to look into volunteers who do this kind of thing. Take people to appointments because they are not allowed to drive afterward. But I digressed. Back to you. Did a dietician or nutitionalist sit down and talk to you about how all of this works? What to stay away from, good carbs vs bad carbs, proteins, etc??? This is very important. Let me and the group know. We may have feedback for you. Once again, welcome and don't be scared. It's treatable and you can still have a life, look at B.B. King, LOL.. Robin"