Like "Hi Dr. Gary, I was pretty ticked off for a few days...but went for a ride around our beautiful 12 mile ocean drive...had a good cry...I feel WAY better's been a LONG time since I've done that...I think I was long over due!! lol I'm usually not a cryer I hate to cry..makes me feel weak and depressed...and when I DO cry everybody runs the other way! LOL My landlord came by yesterday and told me he and his wife would be back sunday with a $50.00 gift certificate for Stop & Shop so I can still have Anthony's Cookout B-day Party!! It was so awesome because his wife just lost her father and they have many problems themselves being flooded out of their home last year and having to settle for a fixer upper house so I consider myself truely blessed! Thank you so much for your concern and good thoughts I truely appreciate all of you!! Smiling again, Ellen :)"