Like "The suggestion about seeing a certified diabetes educator is excellent, because he/she can provide answers your last questions, but there is a lot of good info on the internet, too. For instance, I found a good list of foods for diabetics on the WebMD website. Basically, learn what a carb is and eat as few of those as you can until you get the hang of how your body deals with them. For instance, I can eat a little sugar without a spike in my glucose, but two bites of a baked potato or mashed potato will send it to the moon right away. French fries doesn't affect it much either. Go figure. And I try to stick with berries for fruit, because they seem to keep my glucose levels more even, but I can't have many. It takes a lot of willpower to stop at 6 blueberries or 3 strawberries! =) Everybody is different, though. Some can't eat ANY sugar without troubles, but can eat corn and potatos (in moderation) without major spikes. I think the secret is to read all you can about the link between food and glucose levels, talk to your doctor when you can, and experiment until you find the foods your body does best on. Personally, I strive to keep my glucose levels at or below 140, with a morning (fasting)goal of 100 or lower. I think the saying "knowledge is power" is super applicable when the topic is diabetes. Good luck!"