Like "I've been trying to gain weight forever but always had a high metabolism - people hated me for how much I eat. The new problem is that I recentlt (6 years ago I came down with Cataplexy (look it up), but no Narcolepsy which is rare and the medice makes me sick so it's tough to eat. Most of the 'good' food is bad for my Diabetes. The Cataplexy took 4 years to diagnose cuz not many doc's never even heard of it! I was lucky I didn't crash my truck and I think that's why it's not detected soon enough and people die in accidents - in many different ways - Ladders, stairs, etc. It's a horrible disease and no cure yet. It's like Epiilesy but don't lose conscience or have convulsions. Like an octupus out of water. Stuck between a rock & hard place. I'm on disability now and it sux. Thanks, Mike"