Like "I personally like the Lean Cuisine. You just have to watch the sodium count. Have you checked out the recipe section here and also on the Dlife website. I have gotten and made alot from here and there. Do you like chili? Make a big batch of turkey chili and you can use that on alot of things. I have put it on fried eggs at night, or whole wheat pasta. Or sloppy joes on a whole wheat bun. Or how about a big batch of vegetable soup? Soothing on a cold day. If you want soup out of can, I love Campbells new line called Select Harvest. My favorite is Italian Wedding Soup. But they have many. I had French Onion with whole wheat croutons and a little parmesan cheese. You will find one you like I am sure. Low carbs and not much calories or sodium. Hope some of these ideas help."