Like "Hi Rachael! I, too am Type 1. Since age.... 25. I found out on Valentine's Day 2000, after my daughter was stillborn prematurely. After numerous tests to try & figure out the reason for her birth, they found that my sugar was "high". That was an understatement! My A1C was over 13%!!! I was dealing with the loss of my baby, the death of my mother in law, helping my husband cope with the death of his mother & the diagnosis of diabetes (which I knew NOTHING about) There were times that I thought it just wasn't worth it. But somehow, the sun still rises & sets. Whether we get out of bed or not. We all have a lot to live for. You said you have a supportive family. Thank God! Keep on trucking, chicka! You can do it! I joined this group just last week & have found HUGE inspiration from the members here! I need this group! I struggle everyday with diabetes. I don't eat right. My sugar is way out of whack. I don't have health insurance & haven't been to the doctors in over 2 years. But, with the support of my family, friends & my new family here at DC, I have faith, confidence & motivation that we will make it!!!! I may not have helped- but I'm sure as you read the posts here, you'll see that you are not alone. Everyone is dealing with something. And the majority seem to have positive attitudes to help get us through! I'll look forward to watching your progress! :) Natalie "