Like "nanaellen, I have had diabetes for 3 years now. first year my main provider had me on amaryl. It worked for a little while and would have probably work had I kept to the eating rules. But, I didn't. I just ate when I wanted too and how much I wanted too. One night I sat down around 11pm watching and eating almonds. Man, they were good. The next morning I finally told my wife I had to go to the doctor because of pain I had been having for over a week in my lower abdomine?, she took me and he sent me directly to the emergency room. They performed surgery shortly after my arrival, I had eaten so many almonds that my large intestine was about to burst and my small intestine had kinked. Long story short, the hospital screwed up my diabetes and tried to manage it. I was hospitalized for 14 days and they finally got it down. Got home and it went out of whack again. I finally saw my endocrinologist this past Monday ans she told me I was taking my insulin wrong. She told me to start taking a minimum of 25 units before every meal and bedtime. If my blood sugar was 110 or below. If it was higer than 110 she told me to add one unit for every 20 ml it was higher than 110. it's Saturday and my sugar levels have come down to mid 100's and I am still working on it, but; I am still eating just about everything I want but within reason. I am eating smaller portions and more protein. Sorry for such a long story. Good Luck. "