Like "God bless you I could not imagine what you are going through right now! I hope this helps: try going to the Health department and tell them your situation. Bring a list of you medications with you. The health department should know of some low or no cost programs that can help!also the department of human services possiably could help.if human services can't help the health department knows of many programs and clinics. I've went to the health department myself. And I got directed to a clnic when I was not insured. The clinic gave me my medicine for a very low cost.also perhaps you can see a lawyer about your disability? Many disability lawyers work for free until your settlement comes in. My heart really goes out to you ! I don't know what I would do without my disability or medicare! I also take about 20 medications and I thank God every day for the medicare! I truely hope that some of my options I've given help you! Also one more thing, call the drug manufactures of your medication and ask if they have a "patient assistance program" sometimes they will give the pills for free! Just sign up for the patience assistance program. Look up the manufacture of the medicines online and call directly. Tell them your situation, a LOT of drug company's will help for free! This is another option! I truely hope one of these options work for you! Also you can go to your county hospital and tell them you need your medication, they know how to set a person up with medical. That is what its called in my town. Different areas have different names. Please keep us posted on how your doing and don't give up! I pray one of these options work for you!! Let us know how things are going ok? God bless and good luck!"