Like "dear friend , please be aware , along with many other things, diabetes can make P.A.D. , worse...what it s PAD , you ask , it's PERIPHERAL ARTERY is when the arteries become clogged with plaques like the heart , then when you try to walk a distance, that never bothered you have a serious pain...that increases as you walk...and is only stopping ....the cause is , your legs can not get enough blood to carry O2 and the muscles become starved for the O2...resulting in pain....without proper treatment this condition can lead to loss of limbs...another ,thing to check , is levels like potassium...causes really bad cramps...too little calcium ...etc can cause the same thing...need to follow up with your doctor...and rule out any serious conditions ! you also may have diabetic neuroapathy , caused by damage to nerves...can be treated effectivly.... good luck , my friend !... brenda"