Like "I agree with the others who say get it taken care of ASAP - walk-in clinic, ER whatever, just DO NOT try to take care of it yourself anymore. Case in point: my father-in-law had the same problem, ingrown toe nail. He removed it himself but because of his neuropathy he didn't feel the on-going surface pain that was left. He ended up septic and had to have 2 amputations done on that leg - the 1st didn't heal and he ended up septic again. A couple of months later he died as a direct result of that initial ingrown toe nail that he tried to take care of himself and of not taking care of himself and his diabetes or his feet. Don't mean to be such a downer on this but it is very important. My husband is diabetic too and he really worries about his feet because of what happened to his father. He also has 3 brothers who are diabetic. One is like their father and doesn't take care of himself or his diabetes - he's in denial about it and the problems it can cause. The other 2 take care of themselves. He has another brother whom we think may also be one but he's too afraid to go to the doctor to find out. HUGS and good luck "