Like "If I could, I would send you $1000 in cash each week for morning readings of 125 or less! I think that the target is generally around 100 because if it is at 125 when you start, then you do not have much wiggle room. If you don't mind "over testing" yourself for a week, I think you and your doctor will see a pattern and see what, if any, changes need to be made. Try this testing schedule: am fasting, 2 hours later, before lunch, 2 hours later, before dinner, 2 hours later, before bed. This will be 7 test per day. Now, I use the area below my elbow and never use my fingers. Do this for a week and you will have a good idea where you are. You will find that almost all fast food will send your sugars up fast and hold them high. For me, corn, peas, carrots, and potatoes all put it up high fast, as do fruit juices. It has gotten to the point where if high fructose corn syrup is the first or second ingredient, my wife won't buy it. Even in "whole grain" bread. gotta read the labels and limit your carb servings to about 3 per meal (1 carb serving equals 15 grams of carbs) . Alcohol itself will cause your BS to drop and it can drop fast. It is the mixing of it with soda, juices etc. that cause it to go up. Example, 1/4 cup of plain vodka has caused my BS to drop over 100 points in an hour! Overall, your #'s are not bad, but it is in your best interest to eliminate those high fast food numbers as the high numbers is what causes the damage to your eyes, feet and other body parts. Wish you the best in all your numbers! Jim"