Like "I also have both Diabetes and Arthritis among a myriad of other things (see profile if interested). I have problems even holding a lancet in the mornings to do my morning testing. My doctor suggested I try cocking it then laying it on the table and depressing it to prick with the heel of my palm rather than my fingers or with my fingers but straight down like pointing at the floor rather than have to press like using tweezers (an impossibility for me anymore). That has worked well for me. I keep it in the slot in the meter bag, push the lever back with my thumb (works easier for me than a finger), push whatever finger I'm using for testing against the hole in the end and press the button. Rarely will that not work - actually, I haven't had to redo a stick in over a year since getting used to this method. As for loading it, mine doesn't seem that difficult, though I usually do that in the evening when my hands are working better so it's ready to use in the morning rather than have to fumble with it in the morning when my hands won't work and I'm still half asleep. LOL HUGS"