Like "Thanks for sharing that Dr Gary. I know what it's like to be divorced like that. I was foolish and didn't take care of my diabetes as I ought. My wife at the time, "S", got me with the pastor of our congregation and told me that she would divorce me if I didn't take care of it. I didn't want to lose her and so I did start to take care of myself. She didn't divorce me until a couple years later. I had been having intermittent problems with ED and she thought I was losing interest in her. When she dropped the D-bomb on me, she couldn't give me a clear answer as to why. Some of my college friends asked her why, and the answer she gave was telling: She said she was afraid I'd stop taking care of my DM and then I'd get serious complications. Then she'd be stuck taking care of me! I think that came from her mother. Her mother "J" felt trapped by her husband "R" and couldn't divorce him because he was the only source of income for their family. And then R got seriously sick with shingles and other problems. When my ex called her mom and cried to J about how things were going in our relationship I'm sure J told my ex to get out while the getting was good. My ex had just gotten a job which by itself would match the annual gross money we were able to make together in previous years. So "In sickness or in health" went out the window. She had made the decision in March 2001 to divorce me she told me later. She waited until June (at the marriage counselor's office) to tell me she wanted to divorce so that there wouldn't be a problem at #1 son's HS graduation. She had it thououghly worked out. I had thought that her new job would give me opportunity to not work so hard and to try to go to school for RN training, and do even better for our family. But that was not to be. In fact she urged me to quit one of the 2 jobs I was holding down. I think it was largely because she wanted to cripple me financially (which it did for quite a while) so I couldn't get custody of my sons or the house. Well, that's my story. but not entirely. I continued to care for my DM and worked sometimes around the clock to improve my finances. But I think my ex had a "got'cha" in her life in Nov of 2002. She had a heart attack by which she needed 5 bypasses. She is finally overcoming much of the damage which she had with that. Fortunately her new husband is helping her cope with it. (they married less than a year after the divorce was finalized) I thought that I would be all alone for the rest of my life. I wanted to have a relationship again, but I had very little good fortune in that, until I met "Jem" online. Jem was exactly what I needed to salve the hurts from my previous marriage. We were so compatible it was amazing. We believed that God made us for each other! Of course we both had multible "medical challenges" and we each knew it, so that was not an issue for either of us. We just wanted to enjoy life with one another as we could for as long as we could. Now I am alone again as Jem passed from this life in July 2010. I pray for God to bless me again with someone similar to Jem. "