Like "Today is a GREAT DAY! I take 1000mg Metformin X2 Daily, 4mg Avandia, Lantus 10Units AM-15 Units PM & Humalog 10 Units w/Breakfast, 8 Untis w/Lunch & 7 Units w/Dinner. This is constantly changing as I call the nurse on Mondays and Thursdays to report sugars and change doses as needed.(And this is only for the diabetes...add in another 8 meds for other conditions and even I get confused) Just changed from 14 Units Lantus PM & 8 Units Humalog w/ Dinner to new schedule. SO here are my numbers. Fast - 113 After Bkfst - 117 Before Lunch- 118 After Lunch-163 Rice...You are my enemy...but I love you soooo much, lol My doctor has me test fasting & before and after each meal as well as once more before bed. This means 8 stips a day and medicaid only covers 3 a day. I am paying out of pocket for the remaining strips and it's killing me. Shouldn't they go by what the doctor prescribes???"