Like "I read this yesterday & had to think about it. I am a surviver; My husband & I raised 4 children with only one income. I was a stay at home mom for 30 yrs. Finances were always tight and I have literally bought groceries many times with onlly $15.00. The key is to keep main things in your kitchen like flour, cornmeal, beans- brown & white , powdered milk, powdered eggs, rice, seasonings like salt, pepper, paprika, onion salt, garlic powder & salt, beef & chicken bouillon cubes. Condiments - Suger free syrup, ketchup, mustard, ect. Make meals that can be for two days. Make homemade foods like pancakes instead of boxed mixes. Homemade vegetable soup is good and can be a two day meal served in different forms. I make my soup with brocolli & cauliflower & carrots & potatoes with frozen mix of corn, green beans. I make a beef broth with beef bouillon. The first day we would have vegetable soup & wheat crackers and the next day I would use the leftover soup to make vegetables over brown rice. Somehow I was always able to come up with healthy meals and my main key to that was the things I said. If I didn't have main things in my kitchen then the meals weren't so healthy!!!"