Like "I have arthritis in my back. It didn't show up until I fell & injured it. I have 2 buldging disc in my back at the L4&5 and in my L5 I have a slipped disc that is poking into my nerve in my spine. When I injured myself it brought on the arthritis. I am in constant pain in my back, my legs & feet & my hips. I can't take the pain without the pain meds. I did physical therapy but it didn't help much & they released me & said she did all she could do. I was taught how to do everyday things like dressing, sitting, standing, ect. One problem I am suppposed to keep my back straight but it hurts too much. I can't sit to long or stand to long & I can't sit at the kitchen table because the chairs are too straight. I can't ride in a car without leaning way back in the seat but not flat. Alot of the pain in my feet & legs is also from my diabetes & I have heart pain. I suspect I may have peripheral Neuropathy. I am going to find out this coming up week."