Like "No, NO Jim! It's not CHANCES are It's FACTS are your questions will be answered HERE before ANYWHERE else!!!! And I LOVE my Dr.!! He's ALWAYS genuinely CARED about ME!! I even got "reprimanded" for NOT going to see him!! :) He bluntly told me "I won't lose my house if you can't pay!!" I've even bumped into him outside of the office and he always asks how I'm doing or how's your sugar?!! He even advised me to up my insulin outside of the office!! The problem for ME was I had no insurance to cover OTHER Dr.'s and tests etc....THIS site has been my lifesaver LITERALLY! Everything I've learned....did it RIGHT HERE!! And I'm not a computer person at all just happened across DC in my e-mail by chance! I've learned about smaller and finer needles THANK YOU Realsis!! WHAT a difference!! I could not do this without ALL OF YOU!!!! AGAIN, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO KEEP POSTING, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE!!! Ellen :)"