Like "Thank you for being honest with us. I know from time to time people are asked where they heard of us from and how they landed here. I hope you find the "credits" that you are speaking of to be valuable because, in MY opinion, there is nothing of value here more than the support, encouragement, friendship, education, inspiration and motivation that my friends offer and share with me. While this may not be the place for you, that's okay. I hope you'll share the news of our site (and affiliate sites) with others who are looking to change and share their lives with us. I'm glad that I found this site as a diabetic but probably would have loved to find a "home" like this before I was diagnosed. The take aways from the discussions and replies here include healthier living, better food choices, better life choices and genuine friendships. You need not be diabetic to gain those valuable lessons no matter who or where you are in life. "