Like "Hi. I've never expirenced problems when I'm 110 or 120. My goal is to keep my BS 130 or under. However I do expirence problems at 300 to 400. I feel real sleepy and almost drunk. Perhaps your body is getting used to the lower numbers and its making you feel low? Id speak to my doctor about that. I DO however feel that way when I AM low, at 59 or 60. Then I expirence shakes sweats everything you have talked about and I need to bring up my sugar. I'm on two different insulins, one 24 hour insulin I take in the am and one I take with meals. I suggest you go to wallmart and buy the cheap meter because those strips are very affordable and you defiently NEED to be testing! Its very important! My doc wants me to test 4 times a day. Ask your doctor how often he wants you to test. This way you know where your at through out the day.I wish you the very best on your test and look foward to future postings from you. It can be overwhelming at first, I know but keep comming back to this site and you will receive lots of support! Do some reasearch learn as much as you can about diabetes. Knowledge is power! They have some really great books out their for newly diagnosed diabetics. I bought a few for myself off they have many titiles to choose from and they are Wonderful tools for the newly diagnosed diabetic. The books are soo informative! I highly recomend you get a couple of titles. They are made just for diabetes who are newly diagnosed and they really helped me learn a lot!!! They are not expensive and they are delivered quickly.they answer so many questions I had! There a wonderful tool! Just look up diabetic books on amazon and many titles appear. You can choose from many different ones. I choose the ones for the newly diagnosed . They were great! I know your overwhelmed now but I promise it gets better. Hang in there and good luck! Welcome to DC ! I hope I've helped in some small way! God bless!"