Like "Sounds like your insulin is doing a very good job....maybe too good. I would suggest calling the doctor and letting them know what is happening. It sounds like you are struggling with lows. Now, having said that. When our bodies are used to higher numbers. A 100 may make you feel low until you get used to that being more normal again. I remember the first time I went below 100 I started to feel funny. I thought I was going low...I was 95. Oh well. So I just waited it out to make sure I did not continue to drop and soon I felt okay. I didn't treat. You always want to test before you treat. It would be bad if you were having a high and felt is was low and treated for a low...always know where your numbers are before treating. If you treat, wait 15 minutes and test before treating again. I know you are tight on strips, but a low or high is the time to test. You want to always test before. Specially since it is still very new to you."