Like "Exactly, this was always suposed to be a voluntary thing and only when you wanted too. I do not post everyday just when I feel like it. We should only use these numbers to see how others are doing not to judge or feel sorry for ourselves if our numbers are not the same. Because everyone's numbers are going to be different even if we ate and took the same meds. But I will tell you all I have lost another pound. So since last week I have lost 11 pounds being off of my insulin. I love it. My stomach is actually getting smaller. I now only look 6 months pregnant instead of 9. LOL I felt so good about it. I got a cute little haircut, colored my hair lighter and got some highlights. I do not want to buy any new clothes until I can go down a full size. Maybe 10 more pounds. Actually I have about 3 sizes of clothes in my closet. It will be like a whole new wardrobe when I can get back in them. Sorry this is so long. Have a good day all."