Like "I'm still in my early days of knowing I am dealing with diabetes, just about a year and a half. I wish I had known more from day 1. However I knew a whole lot more than I knew about 1 or 2 other problems that hit me that resulted in the Drs. taking a look at my BG. Venous insuffuciency, venous reflux) mixed with MRSA almost took my legs and/or my life. Don't want diabetes to put me through that terror again. So overall I have been taking it pretty darn serious and learning as much as I can as fast as I can. The main thing I wish had known the first few months was I didn't have to eat as many carbs per meal as the dietician said I was allowed to have. 3-4 carb servings per meal is way more than my body can process properly at one time. My BG levels might have come down sooner. "