Like "i know what you feel like i was once there. i had three children and abusive husband who when i had just had surgery threw us out and we went into a shelter. i turned to god and asked him what do you want from me? i was going to a community college but had to drop out cause of my health then a lady went to the shelter to do hair cuts and we got to talking. she had told me about some apartments that were based on 30 percent of your income. i said really how does that work she said i really dont know but i got the name and i went there and i applied they said there was a waiting list i said ok it will probably be 3-4 months i said ok what else was i doing then within a month they called me and said my apt was ready i had to turn the electric on so i went to some churches and they helped me with the money and then i started cleaning houses, selling cookie platters doing whatever in took for me to make a better life for my three daughters. thanks to god he showed me that i could and would survive and live the life i made it. now my oldest is married and has four wonderful girls. My second finished college and is married to a chef. and my youngest is graduating this week from high school and continuing college for see you can do it if you found a way to reach out to this community you can reach a little bit further to give your wife that beautiful life you say she deserves."