Like "Howdy Jan In the medical specialty of endocrinology there are sub-specialties. Some focus more on contol of Diabetes, and then there are those who focus more on thyroid issues. Still others focus more on parathyroid and other glands. So it depends on what you are needing an Endo for. I had an endo, who was more focused on my thyroid as I had suspicious growths. That endo was more concerned with whether or not those growths were cancerous. Fortunately after 2 needle biopsies, no cancer showed up. My bride "Jem" had a different Endo, who was concerned with bringing her soaring BG#s down. So ask if the Endo has a particular gland on which s/he focuses. Then you might also ask if s/he is comfortable treating other glandular conditions. I left my endo when I moved from her service area. Blessings! James"