Like "Checking dates is a good idea. I agree that WalMart is probably a safer bet than most dollar stores or eBay. Keep in mind, if you are purchasing on eBay using PayPal, there is little PayPal or eBay can do if the vendor is actually located in another country. They could freeze their (known) PayPal account, but they can always pop-up a day later with a different name. Fortunately, test strips are not -usually- a life or death type of buying decision. There have been a number of products lately coming from China, Pakistan, etc. that have had very high contents of lead and other toxic substances that have led to animals here dying (contaminated cat food from China) or that could cause humans long-term physical harm (high levels of lead found in children's candy from both Pakistan and Mexico). So, keep your eyes open for product recalls and such. They seem to be more and more common every day."