Like "I got my strips and meter and control solution at But I made an error. They sell a box of strips for $13.99, but it is a box of 50 which makes it .28 cents per strip. They do discount for quantity. They have a 5 box deal of 250 strips for .21 cents each. And they have a meter with strips package which I bought and got the meter and 200 strips for $55. They also sell the lancets and control solution for very low prices. They have all kinds of package deals and sell lots of other kinds of meters too. They ship free with orders over $100. I try to say up a bit to cut the shipping cost. This brand of meter and strips is also avail on Amazon and other sites too but the link I gave you was the best deal I could find. If anyone can locate a better deal ( other the free stuff for those with insurance or medicare) I hope they share"