Like "I wonder what kind of shakes you are having? Are they like shivering when you feel cold, or are they like tremors, where you have no sense of temperature connected to it? I feel cold most of the time, and there are times, I will have the thermostat at 75, have swetshirts and fleece pants on, and covered up under a blanket and a comforter, and still get the shivers. It will continue 1 or 2 hrs at time for me. My hands are always like ice, where a few years before I had a warm body and hands even in the winter time. Now when a lady takes my hand to dance a comment may be made about my cold hands. It is in the 80s here outside today in Las Vegas, and I still feel cold. I had 3 ministrokes in 2005, which seemed to affect my sense of temperture. I've seemed to be cold ever since. "