Like "still waiting on my doctor's nurse to call me back and tell me if there anything they reommended for congestion for a diabetic. I hope there is something out there that works well, and won't raise BS too much. A report on the neti pot: it works! It really does help with congestion immediately after you are finished. I still have it, however, but that may be due to my allergies, that I waited a long time, like two days, to do something about. My allergies can be chronic. But, you can use a neti pot everyday. It helps cleanse the sinuses and any time you are exposed to smoke or other irritants. I think I will use this as a preventive, along wtih what my ENT puts me on (besides Zyrtec I still take that) he had me on Singulair, worked great for a long time, but then I was suspecting it was causing me sleep problems, which can be a side effect. The Zyrtec and Singulair never raised my BS."