Like "I have gastroparesis and have had it for three years (almost two years before my diagnosis of diabetes) It took me over a year to be diagnosed and I was almost to a point about two years ago where I was on a feeding tube unable to get any nutrients in and I was constantly in the hospital for dehydration. Then suddenly I got a little better... still nauseas, in pain and vomiting constantly when I had another attack this past year (after I got diagnosed with diabetes) they blamed it on my blood sugars *which ended up not being true* and again I was two weeks shy of getting a feeding tube when my endo came up with a diet that seemed to stay down. I am on Zofran, Phenergen, benadryl and compazine for nausea on top of that I am on a bunch of other meds for GERD and other related issues to the GP. Most people are placed on Reglan or Domperidone but because of a heart condition I cannot be placed on Domperidone and I am allergic to Reglan. Domperidone is not sold in the usa but you can get it with a perscription from pharmacies in canada and australlia... I mean I got to Mass General and they are all for perscribing it If I could take it. You could also take Erythromycin which is a antibiotic which irritates the stomach into working better. Did you get a GES study done? what where the results if so? "