Like "Well THANKS everyone but today was a HORRIBLE DEPRESSING mading day for me. I did not get to have my teeth out....the doc was well an A**hole!!! I got there early did my impressions. They gave me 3 scripts to antibotic a pain med and valium. I was to take the 2 valium 1 hr before surgery so took them right away. I got back to the clinic and sat for maybe 5 to 10 minutes then they called me back to start. Mind you the valium needs an hour to work. They started the laughing gas usually I fall asleep within 10 mins but it wasnt enough for me. They then came to numb my mouth for shots....I had headphones on to drowned out the noise. Still the laughing gas and valium are NOT working. Now I have had the valium maybe 20-25 mins. The doc comes in and JAMS the novicaine needle into my gums several times hard and fast. I am CRYING hard bawling and saying OW OWIE he keeps going then gets to my top by now I am sobbing! He says I need to do these...then says I cant work with you you need to go back to Sioux Falls and be put under to have this done.....thing is they were not even busy today....its a walk in business but need an appt for teeth removal. Now Im crying pissed off hurting bad....but had to go back to get my dentures.....I did get dentures today but not my teeth done. So now I have to try to come up with another 2000 to 3000 by May 10th to have this done.....WILL THIS EVER END FOR ME WHY CANT I CATCH A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO DEPRESSED!!!!! I have now been up for 39 dang hours.......why why why SIGH"